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TemboCard Gold Credit

With your TemboCard, you can look forward to a variety of benefits and privileges. As a leading, established premium card, your TemboCard Gold Credit is welcomed and accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Worldwide Acceptance
    Accepted at millions of establishments worldwide
  • Secure Internet Shopping
    Your TemboCard Gold Credit can be used for online shopping. Mastercard secure code is a service provided by CRDB Bank that will let you use a personal password/secure code giving you added security when you shop online.
  • Monthly Statement
    The Bank will send your statement once a month via email for each billing period.
  • Interest Free Period with revolving credit - up to a maximum of 45 days
    Get up to 45 days free credit period on your purchase transactions without any charge being levied.
  • Cash Advance Facility
    TemboCard Gold Credit allows cash advances from ATMs accepting Mastercard Gold Credit Card worldwide, giving you instant access to cash.
  • Revolving Credit Facility
    Revolving credit facility allows the card holder to make purchases up to their credit limit, and pay the balance back slowly or all at once.
  • Zero Liability
    Protected against fraud for purchases made in stores and online
  • Mastercard Global Services
    Get access of emergency cash wherever you travel worlwide
  • Supplementary Cards for Family
    You can apply for supplementary cards for your family members. These members must be over 18 years of age.
  • Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 offers
    Get to experience hundreds of complimentary offers throughout Middle East & Africa across dining, spas and entertainment
  • Dining offers across Nigeria & Kenya
    Enjoy the most delicious dining deals across 50 restaurants in Nigeria and Kenya
  • Priceless cities
    Get the most unique experience & privileges around the world with a collection of cities across 82 countries. Visit www.priceless.com to register

Fees and Charges for CRDB Bank TemboCard Gold Credit

Description of Charges TemboCard Gold Credit Amount - TZS
Joining fee TZS 20,000
Annual fee TZS 3,000
Charge back retrieval TZS 80,000
Interest rate (Late payment) 5%
ATM withdraw fee 6%
Card replacement TZS 10,000
Emergency Card replacement TZS 20,000
Renewal Fee TZS 20,000

Re-payment Terms

*CRDB Bank Plc reserves the right to change its card pricing at any time.
Re-payment Terms Amount - OMR
Minimum Amount Due 20%
Interest Free Period Up to 45 days
Cash Advanced Limit 30%

*CRDB Bank reserves the right to change its card pricing at any time. Conditions apply

To view the TemboCard Gold Credit Terms & Conditions, please click here

Existing CRDB Bank customer

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Meet CRDB Bank Credit Card requirements
  • Working for the Tanzanian government or in a listed CRDB Bank approved company or a business person
  • Be a Tanzanian national or resident with a valid working permit
  • All performing loan borrowers of the Bank
  • Have adequate business/professional or salaried income
  • Impeccable credit track record

Not an existing CRDB Bank customer

You will need to open an account in any CRDB Bank branch Countrywide

You can use your TemboCard Gold Credit at millions of merchants in over 210 countries worldwide and pay for goods or services. Your card will be accepted at any establishment that displays the MasterCard logo.

There is no charge for using your TemboCard Gold Credit at any establishments and you cannot be asked to pay more than the bill amount for using your Gold Credit .

Yes you can use your TemboCard Gold Credit to make safe online payments or to shop on the internet.

You can withdraw cash up to 30% of your credit limit from any CRDB Bank ATMs as well as any ATM that displays the MasterCard logo.

Every time you draw cash, a cash advance fee of 6% of the amount withdrawn will be charged to your account. However, you receive the full amount you withdrawn from the ATM and the cash withdrawal fee are automatically debited to your account and is reflected in your Credit Card statement.

Your cash advance is limited to 30% of your credit limit and if you have already used this limit, you cannot withdraw more cash until you have repaid the amount.

You cannot use your TemboCard Gold Credit if you have used up your full credit limit until you repay. The amount repaid will then be available for your use, provided the account is not overdue.


CRDB Bank issues Credit Cards against your deposit with the Bank, against your salary slip or Bank statement. If your credit limit is linked directly to your salary we can increase your credit limit, if it is less than the amount you are eligible for. Or you can also increase your deposit amount if you want to increase your credit limit.

There is a Joining Fee of TZS. 20,000/= but you have to pay a monthly fee of only TZS. 3,000/=. However there is no Supplementary Annual Fee.

In the first week of every month, we email your monthly Credit Card detailed statement to the email address you provided in your CRDB Bank Credit Card application.

Your total outstanding balance is shown as "Current Balance" on your Credit Card statement. The "Current Balance" is determined by adding any purchases and cash advances you made and subtracting payments or credits from the "Previous Balance". Then appropriate finance charges and fees are added.

Credit Card customers with regular payments will be contacted 45 days prior before expiring of their card. Our dedicated staff will communicate with you concerning renewal arrangements then you’ll be advised to collect it from the branch at your convenience.

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